Shiatsu Massage Chairs Full Body and Recliner Zero Gravity

This massage chair features a zero-gravity mode that offers a highly relaxing and therapeutic experience. In this position, your body is reclined and evenly distributed, reducing pressure on your spine and enhancing the massage’s effectiveness.

Full Body Massage: Enjoy a comprehensive full-body massage that targets various muscle groups, providing relief from tension and promoting relaxation. It covers areas like the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet.

Built-in Heart and Foot Roller: The chair is equipped with a heart and foot roller, adding an extra dimension to your massage experience. These rollers help stimulate blood circulation and alleviate fatigue in your feet and calves.

Air Massage Technology: Experience air massage technology that gently compresses and releases different parts of your body. This air compression massage helps relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.


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USB Charging Port: The convenient USB charging port on the control panel allows you to charge your phone and other electronic devices while you relax in the chair. It’s a practical feature for staying connected without getting up.

Easy to Move: Despite its advanced features, the chair is designed for easy maneuverability. You can move it around your home or office with relative ease, ensuring you can enjoy massages wherever you prefer.

Customizable Massage Options: The chair likely offers a variety of massage techniques, intensities, and speed settings, allowing you to customize your massage to your liking. This ensures that you get the massage you need, whether it’s gentle relaxation or deep tissue relief.

Home Office Convenience: Having a massage chair in your home office can provide a great way to relieve stress and tension during work breaks.

Therapeutic massage chair adopts break up three-box packaging, which reduces the amount of the product and the load of the person packaging, which reduces the potential of issues throughout transportation, in order that our merchandise will be extra handy and protected.

Despatched into your private home.full physique therapeutic massage chair zero gravity therapeutic massage chair.

The distinctive child compartment form is matched with the 2 rollers on the underside, which makes the therapeutic massage chair look very particular and straightforward to transfer.

For those who want to repair the therapeutic massage chair, simply screw the knob on the fitting facet of the left decrease wheel to the fitting. You’ll be able to maintain the therapeutic massage chair gravity therapeutic massage chair full physique therapeutic massage chair therapeutic massage chair.

Three energy degree again massages, managed heating, adjustable airbag operate, eight fastened level module massages, and 3 completely different automated therapeutic massage strategies are all designed to offer you a extra acceptable therapeutic massage expertise.


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